Serviced Units

In order to make their hotel units profitable faster, more and more professionals in the sector are engaging in real estate development for tourism backed by traditional hotels. Since the RIPT (Résidences Immobilières pour la Promotion Touristique) was born, many real estate developers have opted for this formula in order to obtain a more attractive footprint and built up area. However, many are also those who embarked on the adventure without knowing what tourist residences meant. Just like a hotel, these must operate 24/7 and a simple trustee. can in no case optimally manage this type of residence. Although very profitable for the developer as well as for the investor but also for the client, these units which offer hotel services at generally competitive prices often wither quickly due to very uncertain management. Our board will recommend the best formula so that all stakeholders can come together but also to ensure product homogeneity and ensure sustainable development.