Business environment review and selection of hotel operators

Having a good knowledge of the market is an essential component of any project. There are multiple variables and it's easy to make wrong assumptions that could compromise even the best-laid plans. At Exclusive Resort, we make sure to identify the different components of the offer, the market parameters and the local business environment before even planning a project. In this way, we avoid any surprises and match supply to demand as precisely as possible. We are experts in adapting a global concept to local trends and markets.

The selection of the hotel operator is a key factor for the overall success of an investment, both in terms of choosing the right partner and establishing good working conditions. Agreements must be balanced to allow operators to operate within the standards established by their structures while allowing owners to supervise their investments.
We negotiate and deliver the best trading conditions to ensure the best results for our clients. Our in-depth understanding of the brand, the management structure and the fine print of the business terms allow us to propose the ideal operator while taking into consideration the strength of the brand and its performance, its positioning, its regional experience and its management system. reservation and pricing.