Halal Hospitality

Halal, a new vector of tourism?

Muslims representing almost one inhabitant in three in the world, the tourism sector will have to take this into consideration as a growing number of this population is becoming wealthy and aspiring to travel according to their religious rites both at home and during their trips abroad.

According to a study conducted by Dinar Standard, an American consulting firm, Muslims would have spent more than 100 billion euros in 2011 on their trips. This figure stood at over 160 billion in 2019. 

Other studies show that the choices of 9 out of 10 Muslim tourists are dictated by their faith and that now the Halal market worldwide is reaching a turnover over 2 trillions per year.

This tourism is still in its infancy in the countries around the Mediterranean and in Europe but will be an integral part of the offer in the very near future.