Evaluation of operational services and management supervision

Whether it is evaluating a single aspect or the entire management, Exclusive Resort has the experience and skills to fully assess the situation and report the results but also to make recommendations for adjustments in order to improve profitability. Services include benchmarking, competitive positioning, management, staffing notices, internal control assessments, pricing strategies, marketing plans, cost and operating analysis results as well as qualitative audit and financial for each department.

Hotel owners and real estate investors demand more practical involvement in the management of their long-term assets. To this end, we have designed a clear and concise dashboard that describes each step of the investment process whether for a hotel unit or for an individual client wishing to invest in tourist residential real estate.

Investing in the hotel industry is not an easy task, it is much more complex than any other real estate project. It is essential to have a comprehensive skill set that includes understanding and knowledge of hotel operations, revenue and cost management, accounting, marketing, to name a few.
Exclusive Resort offers a unique service with one key objective: to ensure at all times that strategic financial and non-financial objectives are met. Our role is to provide a complete liaison service between our client and his team of managers in order to keep everyone informed of the situation in order to be able to intervene in time.